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Supporting Innovation and Creating Opportunities   

Iowa is joining the growing number of state governments creating mechanisms to provide guidance on state investments made to create “more jobs-better jobs” in the innovation economy. The Iowa Innovation Council represents an evolution in thinking about Iowa’s economic development strategies, partnerships and goals.

The Council's focus is developing strategies to help Iowa's innovators - entrepreneurs, researchers and existing businesses - commercialize their ideas. At the heart of these strategies is developing a network of continuous support for entrepreneurs and innovators.


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Success Stories

VIDA Diagnostics

Coralville-based VIDA Diagnostics’ innovative technology helps doctors detect lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, emphysema, and lung cancer at earlier stages. This technology helps to develop personalized treatment and lowers patients’ health care costs.

Integrated DNA Technologies

Coralville-based Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is a life sciences company that produces custom biology products for academic, government, and commercial researchers in biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development.


With just seven employees, SENSR broke into the international market through its innovative efforts. The company is one of only a handful of top-tier suppliers in the market of measuring dynamics, but is the only one that combines inputs from the information technology sector. 

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