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Guide to the Iowa Innovators Resource Network

The Guide to the Iowa Innovation Resource Network provides essential information to keep innovators and entrepreneurs informed as well as showcase the statewide organizations working to help entrepreneurs succeed. The guide is divided into three sections:


a)     The directory of organizations and programs that exist to help entrepreneurs in the state -- economic development groups, business incubators, technology transfer offices, entrepreneurial centers, state and federal programs and others.


b)    The comprehensive financing information contained in the guide helps entrepreneurs understand the funding alternatives available to them.


c)     The startup’s guide to intellectual property identifies the steps entrepreneurs need to take to protect their intellectual property.


The Guide to the Iowa Innovation Resource Network is available for download through the website.

Download the Guide to the Iowa Innovation Network (complete Guide) - pdf

Download the Innovators Financing Guide only - pdf

Download the Start-Ups Guide to Intellectual Property only - pdf


On-line Directory

An online directory of the resources gives you with the most comprehensive version of the guide. It provides the most up-to-date listing of organizations dedicated to helping innovators and entrepreneurs. The online directory is maintained by the University of Northern Iowa MyEntreNet.Net.

To access the on-line directory to find the resources you need, click here.





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